How Can I Make My Gut Healthy: Raisin Curd Is Amazing To Get Rid Of Many Stomach Problems Including Constipation, Indigestion And Bloating


She says, our stomach health has been affected by lack of physical activity, social interaction and sheer unpredictability of life. This has led to digestive problems such as weight gain, disturbed sleep, hair loss and gas and flatulence. Therefore, you should definitely eat curd with raisins for healthy digestion with your gut.

Why should you freeze curd with raisins? | Why Should You Freeze Curd With Raisins?

Yogurt is a known source of healthy probiotics, which provide good bacteria to our intestine and improve intestinal flora. Raisins, on the other hand, have a high content of soluble fiber, which acts as a prebiotic. The combination of probiotics and prebiotic can neutralize bad bacteria in the intestine, and promote the growth of good bacteria.

The combination of curd and raisins can help reduce inflammation in the intestines and can also keep your teeth and gums healthy. Calcium and vitamin D in yogurt are beneficial for your bones and joints.

Gut Health Tips: Eating yogurt regularly can be beneficial for your bones and joints.

Yogurt is a well-documented intervention to control cholesterol levels, reduce BP, and promote weight loss. It works better in the elderly and young because it prevents constipation and makes it easier to chew raisins, ”says Diwakar.

You can also add dates in your curd. This can be especially helpful if you are trying to get pregnant.

How to set curd with raisins? | How To Set Curd With Raisins?

You have to take a bowl of hot milk. Make sure it is not boiling hot. Milk should preferably be fresh and full fat. Add 4-5 black raisins to it. Now take a small drop of curd or buttermilk and mix it in milk. Shake it several times. Cover it with a lid and let it set for about 8 to 12 hours.

To check whether the curd is set properly, see if the top layer looks thick. You can eat this bowl of curd as a mid-day meal or after lunch at 3 or 4 o’clock. Its beauty is that it is made from simple things found in the kitchen.


(Rijuta Divekar is a nutritionist based in Mumbai)

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