Homeless Man Gives Shelter To Two Dogs Brings Joy Photos Goes Viral On Social Media


Beggar put two dogs to sleep on his mattress, so the heart of the sweaty people – see Viral Photo

Many videos of humanity and kindness went viral on social media, which won the hearts of people. This time a similar picture is going viral, where a beggar put two dogs to sleep on his mattress (Man Gives Shelter To Two Dogs) and sat himself. People were heartbroken after seeing this picture. Many people praised the homeless person. Indian Forest Officer Sushant Nanda shared this picture.

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It can be seen in the picture that the homeless person is sitting on the road. He has some food items and a mattress. Two dogs are sleeping in it. He put the blanket over the dog and kept some food items near them.

Sharing a touching picture, the IFS officer wrote in the caption, ‘People who have very little, they give the most.’

He shared this picture on March 30, which has had more than a thousand likes so far. Also, more than 90 re-tweets and many comments have come. In the comment section, people have given such reactions …


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