Hindu Girl Sexually assault by Muslim trainer | Muslim trainer obscene with Hindu girl on the pretext of workout? Learn the truth of viral video

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22 minutes ago

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What is going viral: On social media, a video of a girl and a male trainer doing a workout in the gym is going viral with an angle of love jihad. In the video it can be seen that the trainer is touching the body of the woman while doing the workouts.

It is being claimed that the male trainer is Muslim and the girl doing the workouts is Hindu. The trainer is doing obscene acts with the girl on the pretext of a workout.

And what is the truth?

  • A verified search by reverse-searching the video’s keyframes on Google Youtube channel But we also got the same video. The video here has been uploaded on February 1, 2017. Apparently the video is at least 3 years old.

  • The YouTube channel named EI Pio RD has uploaded the video. With the help of Google Translate, it was found out that it is a Russian language channel. However, we did not find any such detail in the description. So that it can be known where the video is from.
  • OdyBody By Imran Facebook The same video is on the page. This is the page of a fitness trainer named Imran. According to the caption, the video is of Imran and his wife Reshma.
  • Imran’s woman with a gym workout Video Is going viral. Along with him, Imran has uploaded many other videos on Facebook. The caption of these videos shows that the woman seen with Imran is his wife.
  • It is clear that the video that is going viral on social media is of husband and wife. The claim of love jihad being made with this is completely false.

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