Highest 25% chance of rain on the second day of the match, 54% to 97% cloud cover in the first 4 days of play. Highest 25% chance of rain on the second day of the match, 54% to 97% cloud cover in the first 4 days of play

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  • Highest 25% Chance Of Rain On The Second Day Of The Match, 54% To 97% Cloud Cover In The First 4 Days Of Play

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The final match of the World Test Championship is to be played between India and New Zealand at The Aegis Bowl in Southampton from June 18 to 22. For the first time in the history of cricket, the champion of the Test format is to be chosen, so the fans are keeping an eye on every detail of the match. These details also include the weather patterns. If the weather remains dry then the conditions will be in favor of Team India. At the same time, if the weather remains humid, then New Zealand can get an advantage. So let’s know how the weather can be in Southampton during the match i.e. from 18 to 22 June and how it can affect the match.

The first day of the match, there will be sunshine among the clouds
The weather on the first day of the match could be favorable for Team India. By the way, the cloud cover i.e. the cloud cover over the city of Southampton is estimated to be up to 67%. But, at the same time, clouds are expected to remain sunny throughout the day. That is, winning the toss and batting first can prove beneficial. The chance of rain during the first day’s play is just 3%.

Cloud’s camp on the second day, swing bowling can get help
The forecast of the second day of the match cannot be said to be good for Team India. This day is expected to be cloudy 97% of the time. Also, the highest probability of rain (25%) in five days of play is on this day. That is, swing bowlers can dominate on the second day of the game. If the Indian team bowls on this day, then the matter can be reversed.

It will be cloudy on the third day but the chance of rain is very less
In the third day’s play, once again a game of eyeballs can be played between the clouds and the sun. Overall, the day is expected to be dry. The chance of rain is only 7%. However, the chance of rain at night increases to 10 per cent. That is, the weather forecast for the fourth day can be in favor of New Zealand.

75% cloud cover on day 4
The probability of rain on the fourth day of the match is only 11% but the cloud cover can be up to 75%. If there is moisture in the clouds, then it can have an effect on the game as well. The fourth day can go in favor of New Zealand in terms of conditions.

The sky will be clear on the fifth day
If the match drags on till the fifth day, then the conditions can be favorable for the Indian team. The cloud cover on this day is estimated to be just 7%. At the same time, the probability of rain is 0%.

There is little hope of needing a reserve day
The ICC has said that on June 23, a reserve day game will be required only if the first five days of rain have reduced the game by a few overs and there is no result as well. From the weather forecast that has come out so far, there is little hope of playing in the reserve day. By the way, on June 23, 69% cloud cover is being said here. At the same time, the chance of rain is only 7%.
Note: Weather data has been taken from Accuweather.com.

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