High Uric Acid Level: These Are 9 Major Reasons For Increasing Uric Acid, Learn 7 Great Ways To Control High Uric Acid | What To Eat And What To Avoid In Uric Acid


This can cause high uric acid level in the body, which is also known as hyperuricaemia. Many people take home remedies for uric acid, which can be effective to a great extent, but you must first focus on the symptoms and causes of uric acid. Although your body is able to filter uric acid on its own, sometimes, due to various reasons, it may be unable to excrete excess uric acid.

One reason for this may be that your kidneys are not able to eliminate it quickly. In addition, certain foods and beverages, chronic diseases and lifestyle disorders can also trigger high levels of uric acid in the body. Know here what high uric acid patients should do?

High Uric Acid Treatment: Eat fiber to control uric acid

Due to increase in uric acid in the body. causes of Increase Uric Acid in the Body

1. Overweight or obesity of the patient.
2. Taking diuretic medicines.
3. Genetics.
4. Wrong diet or food.
5. It can also increase by eating red meat, sea food, lentils, rajma, paneer and rice.
6. Staying empty stomach for a long time can also be a reason.
7. Diabetes patients may have uric acid.
8. Hypothyroidism.
9. Decreased kidney dysfunction or kidney failure.

High uric acid treatment? | Treatment Of High Uric Acid

High uric acid levels can affect your health in many ways. However, early diagnosis can help you with treatment. Hyperuricemia treatment can depend on a variety of conditions, ranging from the type of symptoms to the severity of your infection. Here are some effective ways to control high uric acid …

1. Do not eat foods rich in purine

Purine consists of various types of meat, seafood and vegetables, which produce uric acid when digested. Excess production of uric acid can cause hyperuricemia. Therefore, if you want to reduce the high uric acid content in the body, then to avoid this, avoid the consumption of certain foods.

– Sardines
– dried beans
– Pork
– Turkey
– Fish and shellfish
– scallops-mutton
– Calf Meat
– Mushroom
– cauliflower

qr191gboHigh Uric Acid Treatment: Eating foods with purine increases uric acid level

2. Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated helps you reduce uric acid and cleanse the kidneys and it also gets rid of all the toxins in your body. Be sure to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water each day.

3. Avoid intake of sugar products

Sugar can be a possible cause of high uric acid level in the body. Fructose is a simple sugar found in honey, fruit, some vegetables, and sweeteners, which causes an increase in purine metabolism, leading to increased blood uric acid levels. In addition, added sugar to foods and various beverages can not only increase a possible weight, but can also cause metabolic issues.

4. Maintain a healthy weight

Fat cells produce more uric acid than muscle cells. Excess weight can prevent your kidneys from taking out uric acid from the body. However, you should maintain a healthy body weight, because losing weight too quickly can also affect uric acid levels.

5. Eat foods rich in fiber

Include fiber-rich foods in your diet. With the help of fiber-rich foods, you can not only get rid of all digestive issues, but also balance your blood sugar and insulin levels, which play an important role in maintaining uric acid.

6. Balancing Insulin Levels

Very high insulin levels in the body can cause excess uric acid concentrations in the body, which is why you should get your insulin levels checked by an expert.

7. Avoid drugs that increase uric acid


Many people are not aware of this reason for high uric acid formation. In such a situation, this Essage keeps accumulating in the body continuously. Many drugs can also increase uric acid levels in the body. Therefore, it is important to consult your doctors before taking any medical supplement.

Disclaimer: This content only provides general information, including advice. It is not a substitute for qualified medical opinion by any means. Always consult a specialist or your doctor for more information. NewsBust does not claim responsibility for this information.


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