Hero Bikes Prices To Increase From Today | All You Need To Know About Hero Two Wheeler | New prices on 18 models from today, now the cheapest HF 100 bike becomes costlier by Rs 1000; Company number-1 even after increasing the price continuously

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  • Hero Bikes Prices To Increase From Today | All You Need To Know About Hero Two Wheeler

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Hero MotoCorp has increased the minimum ex-showroom price of all two-wheeler models by Rs 1000 and maximum by Rs 3000. The new prices have come into effect from today. That is, now the budget will have to be increased to buy Hero’s bikes and scooters. The main reason behind the increase in prices is the cost of raw material. This includes steel, aluminum, plastic and metal.

The price of Hero’s cheapest bike HF 100 has now gone up from Rs 49,900 to Rs 50,900 ex-showroom on Varenyam Motors, Bhopal. At the same time, its on-road price has increased from Rs 60,137 to Rs 61,224. That is, now this bike will be expensive by Rs 1087. Hero has over 100 million (100 million) customers across the country.

Price hiked 4 times in 9 months
Hero MotoCorp has increased the prices four times during the last 9 months from January 2021 to September 2021. Earlier in July also, the company had made its vehicles expensive by up to Rs 3000. At the same time, twice it was increased to 1500 rupees and 2500 rupees.

Cheap two-wheelers become more expensive
The company has not yet released the list of new prices increased on two-wheelers. There are a total of 18 models of Hero in the Indian market. In which 13 bikes and 5 scooters are included. In such a situation, all these have been increased up to Rs 3000. However, it is not yet decided on which model will increase the price of Rs 3000 and which model will have the lowest price. According to auto experts, the company’s cheap models can be the most expensive. At the same time, the price of the top model will increase less.

Hero’s 18 two-wheelers become expensive
Hero MotoCorp sells 18 models of two-wheelers in the country. This includes 13 bikes and 5 scooters. Hero’s cheapest bike is HF 100 with a starting price of Rs 49,800 ex-showroom. At the same time, the most expensive bike is the Xtreme 200S, whose starting price is Rs 1,24,014. Similarly, the company’s cheapest scooter is the Pleasure Plus, with a starting price of Rs 60,500. At the same time, the New Maestro Edge 125 is the most expensive scooter, starting at Rs 72,250. However, from today their price has increased by up to Rs 3000.

Hero’s average market share in last 5 months is 38%
Hero is the number one two-wheeler company in the country. He has maintained his position for the past few years. However, due to the Kovid epidemic, its sales and market share have been affected. Even after this he did not lose his position. During the last 5 months, the company’s market share was the highest at 46.98% in May and the lowest at 32.08% in August. At the same time, the average market share for 5 months stood at 38%.

The special thing is that Hero gets a challenge from Honda. If we talk about the financial year 2021, then Hero’s market share was 35.81%. At the same time, Honda’s market share stood at 25.72%. The market share of other companies like TVS Motor and Bajaj is not even equal to half of Hero.

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