Here’s how Technology is Helping India Fight Covid-19

India Fight Covid-19

If you have kept up with the news across India, it wouldn’t come off as a surprise that India was gravely impacted with the second wave of Covid-19, reporting over 300,000 cases per day in April and May. With the world gradually recovering from the deadly impacts of the virus, India seemed to have been going downhill.

However, the authorities took immediate action and imposed lockdowns and restrictions to further curb the spread of the virus among the citizens. But, that isn’t where things stop. While people have been looking at mediatemple hosting for their websites, even the Indian government resorted to technology to help the country fight the impacts of the virus.

Tracking and tracing with tech

The biggest issue that the Indians faced with Covid-19 was the uncontrolled spread. It was becoming extremely hard for people to trace back the spread of the virus and the impacts it brought along. So, while the medical staff tended to the needs of the patients, the higher authority Indian government officials resorted to technology to help track and trace the spread.

Over 19 new applications had been developed by the state governments across the country to help track the spread of the virus, estimating and covering over 10 million users to help them manage the crisis that the disease brought along. 

The majority of these developed applications helped the government track the spread, map out the severity of the spread in certain parts of the state and country and even offer their extended help to the citizens, especially during the second wave of the virus that led to shortages of bed, hospital ICUs and even oxygen tanks.

You’d be surprised that mediatemple hosting review for good web hosting might have been a driving factor behind the responsive websites that the Indian government officials made. The Cowin website is a testament to that.

Driving remote work culture

The use of technology in daily life during Covid-19 has also propelled companies and businesses to switch to remote work culture, something that has further contributed to reducing the spread of the infection. Technology has made it possible for more and more people to be reliant on their work from home or hybrid work culture.

Leveraging technology has made it easier for companies to create a more collaborative and productive environment for the users, especially with the integration of community feeling among the employees.

Technology and innovation have time and time helped businesses and India, in general, to prosper for good. This time around, the rightful integration of technology has paved the way for a constructive method to fight the rampant spread of the Covid-19 virus in the country. Whether the same ideologies will be made accessible in the future fight for India’s growth and the economy is something that the users need to be mindful about. We have tried to make the most use out of all the information that we could put together for our readers in this piece.


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