Here, corona treatment, food and medicine are all free; When the bill of two and a half million was received, the businessman changed the office in the hospital | Businessman of Gujarat became corona positive, if the bill of twelve and a half million was received from the hospital, the office was converted into a hospital

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  • Here, Corona Treatment, Food and Medicine Are All Free; When The Bill Of Two And A Half Million Was Received, The Businessman Changed The Office In The Hospital

face15 minutes agoAuthor: Akshay Bajpai

  • The businessman of Surat said, the hospital paid me a bill of twelve and a half lakhs, then felt that something must be done for the poor
  • It is said that when the family got corona, then it felt the pain of the poor, as long as the corona remains, then the free hospital will continue to run.

I, my mother and brother had corona in my house. My mother recovered from Corona in 45 days. My brother was admitted to a private hospital for 24 days. The hospital made a bill of twelve and a half million rupees. Even after paying so much money, the brother's condition was still bad. It was very dry. He was treated in the hospital as if he had come for free treatment. After this incident, it came to my mind that we have arranged the money, but what is happening to the poor who do not have any treatment money. Just then I had thought that Corona patients should be made a hospital, where everyone gets treatment for free.

The hospital has a total of 84 beds. All of them have oxygen facility.

This story is of Kadar Sheikh, who works as a property in Suraj. He has designed an 84-bed hospital for Corona patients. The hospital, built in just 20 days, has 10 ICU beds. All beds have oxygen facilities. Here treatment, food and medicines are being given for free. However, it is now operated by Surat Municipal Corporation. Kadar Sheikh says, when a bill of twelve and a half lakh rupees was made, we asked the hospital how such a huge bill was made. Even got the MP to talk to him, then he lost one lakh rupees. The corona report of the brother had come negative but after seeing his condition it seemed that the hospital has not made it any better but weakened it more than before. Even after coming to Kovid Negative, he kept his brother in the ward with positive patients. Every third day, recovery was done in the name of some charge.

In this way beds have been made on two floors. There are also 10 bed ICUs.

In this way beds have been made on two floors. There are also 10 bed ICUs.

On the day of my brother's discharge, I thought that something had to be done for the poor. I have three floors at the Shreyam Complex in Adajan, Surat. I do property work from there. Then I spoke to the MP and told him that I want to prepare a hospital for the corona patients on my three floors, but the condition is that whoever runs it, gives treatment completely free and food and drink, medicines are also free. Met in He immediately spoke to the corporation officials and we got permission to build the hospital. We got the hospital ready in just 20 days. There are 42-42 beds on two floors and one floor was built according to the stay of the medical staff. The corporation then started treating Corona patients there.

Kadar Sheikh formerly operated the office here. The hospital was inaugurated by MP CR Patil.

Kadar Sheikh previously operated the office here. The hospital was inaugurated by MP CR Patil.

Are you taking any help from the government in return for preparing the hospital? On this Sheikh said, Sir, we have already told the officials that, we do not need anything. Feeling so peaceful for the first time in my life. It seems that we are getting used to someone. Any person of any community can come here and get treatment for free. Food and drink can also be taken for free. However, our first priority is for the poor. Laughing Sheikh says, the patients coming here only have to bring four things toothpaste, brush, soap and corona, everything else will be found here.

Have you taken a new office for your own work now? Said on this, Kamdhandha is still closed. There are no circumstances outside that work. When everything is fine, then you will take a rental office somewhere. However, the hospital will not be removed while Corona is in operation. Then whether it takes two years or three years. Retired DSP Siraj Jaba manages the management here. Jabba says, we cannot help financially but we can do physically. Therefore, it helps to get the arrangements done here for free.



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