Here are some common mistakes that are hindering your weight loss plans | NewsBust Here are some common mistakes that are hindering your weight loss plans | NewsBust


Here are some common mistakes that are hindering your weight loss plans

By Ankit Sharma - January 26, 2020

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Published: January 26, 2020 7:02:50 pm

Are you making these weight loss mistakes? (Source: File Photo)

Despite trying out various methods to lose weight, if you are still not able to get the desired results, there is a need to revamp your goals. While this may seem like a difficult task, here is some advice from nutritionist Lovneet Batra who lists down what exactly needs to be done. Take a look!

According to Batra, it’s important to keep a log of what one’s diet on a daily basis that helps identify key issues in one’s routine. “It helps you understand how much you’ve eaten, what your calorie intake is and what the gap between your meals is. Through this analysis you are able to make an accurate assessment of your progress and can make changes accordingly for better results,” she said in the Instagram post.

Here is what she suggests that we avoid

Skipping meals

Not taking enough protein

Not doing strength training

Not maintaining a food journal

Only focusing on the weight scale

Here’s why these pointers matter

*There is a reason why skipping meals is not a good idea. Blood sugar decreases when one skips meals, which, in turn, makes people feel irritated and fatigued. It also leads to the production of cortisol that leads to stress. When one skips meals, the metabolism goes for a toss which hinders weight loss.

*If taking a high protein diet enables weight loss, the reverse also stands true. When the diet is low on proteins, the muscles begin to atrophy (waste)– by taking Lean Body Mass (LBM), strength, and energy with them. This hampers weight loss plans. Proteins help to control cravings and a lack of it can increase binge-eating. According to Batra, one should take protein, especially after a workout to repair all the muscle tissue that breaks down during the strenuous workout.

*Not spending time on strength training and focussing only on cardio will only lead you to reach a plateau and your body will not be strong, says Batra.

*Awareness regarding what one is eating and in what portions is necessary for weight loss. A food journal whether in a written or photographic form is quite helpful to track progress.

Batra says that it’s not always a good idea to eye the weighing scale as that leads to only weight gain/loss-oriented idea of health which is short-term. “Being obsessed with what you’re weight scale says leads you to look at fitness as a short term goal and that will make the entire process temporary. Being fit, eating healthy is a daily process and you have to be patient about your results,” she advises.

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