Hen Fight With Snake To Protect Her Chicks See Shocking Video


Dangerous snake attacked the chicken and its children, fierce fight between the two

For any child, mother is the most important thing in his life. Only a mother is ready to do anything for her children. Mother wants to give every happiness to her children and for them she is ready to fight without any fear. A similar video is going viral on social media, in which a mother plays with dangers to protect her children. This video going viral on social media is of a chicken and its children, in which the chicken fights with a dangerous snake to save the lives of its children.

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In this 38-second video, you can see that a chicken is sitting in the corner with its children, only then a dangerous snake comes there. The chicken gets nervous and starts fighting with the snake to save its children from the snake. In the video you can see how the chicken is fighting with the snake without fear. The snake is standing again and again spreading its hood, but the hen is also not able to survive and is attacking the snake again and again. Seeing this video, anyone’s hair will stand.

Watch Video:

This video, which is going viral, has been viewed more than 23 thousand times so far. The caption accompanying the video read, ‘Mother’s love, love is a stronger emotion than fear.’ People are liking the video very much as well as seeing a mother’s love for children, everyone is getting emotional. People are also making many lovely comments on the video.


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