Height Disease Connection; What Illness Is Related To Height? Diabetes, Cancer To Hair Loss | Short people are at risk of diabetes, baldness and heart diseases, tall people are more prone to cancer, know who is more prone to diseases

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  • Height Disease Connection; What Illness Is Related To Height? Diabetes, Cancer To Hair Loss

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There is also a connection between human diseases and height. Scientists have also stamped this in their research. According to research, the risk of cancer is higher in tall women, while women of short height are more prone to pre-mature delivery.

If we talk about men, then there is a risk of premature baldness in short people and there is a risk of blood clots in tall men. From a health perspective, height has its advantages and disadvantages. Know how much relief or danger you are from diseases …

Cancer: taller women have a higher risk of cancer

Why so

  • Cancer risk up to 33 percent higher in women who are more than 5 feet 9 inches tall
  • Height can increase the level of hormones in the body that increase the risk of tumors.

Research: Oxford University, England

Diabetes: The risk of diabetes is higher in short people

Why so

  • Those with a shorter height are at higher risk of developing fat, blood pressure, and inflammation in the liver.
  • The risk is reduced by up to 40% when the height is increased because they have better processing of glucose.

Research: German Institute of Human Nutrition, Germany

Heart disease: 50% higher risk of heart disease in those who are less than 5 feet 3 inches tall

Why so

  • Coronary artery is smaller in short people, as a result, blockages are formed in it soon.
  • Over the past 20 years, more than 2000 studies have found a connection between height and heart disease.

Research: University of Helsinki, Finland

Blood clotting: People who are taller have a higher risk of blood clots

Why so

  • In tall people, blood travels a long distance for circulation, so the risk is also high.
  • In such people, there is a risk of blood clots mostly in the lower part of the body such as the legs.

Research: Malmö University Hospital, Sweden

Pregnancy: Women less than 5 feet at risk of pre-mature delivery

Why so

  • Scientists believe, larger body size reduces the risk in tall women
  • Premature delivery can occur in women of short height due to shortening of pelvis or uterus

Research: Dimes Pre-Maturity Research Center, Ohio

Hair Loss: If the height is short then the risk of premature baldness is high.

Why so

  • To know the reason, scientists did research on the genes of more than 20 thousand men.
  • Scientists told the changes and diseases in the body due to baldness

Research: Bonn University, Germany

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