Heera Song Melody King Sachin Jigar Release New Song Shoots In Kashmir


Heera Song: The New Song of Sachin Jigar (Sachin Jigar) Released

Special things

  • Sachin Jigar’s New Song Diamond Released
  • Sachin Jigar composed the song
  • More than seven million views

new Delhi:

Between the remake and the trend of remixes, Sachin (Sachin) and Jigar (Jigar) are bringing a song that is heart touching. This song brings back memories of old-fashioned music. The name of the song is Heera, which Jigar Saraiya, Sachin Sanghvi and Shriya Pilgaonkar have brought together. His new song ‘Heera’ is also available on all streaming platforms. This song of Sachin Jigar was released on the previous day, but this song has been seen more than seven lakh times so far, as well as the fans are also very fond of it.

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The song is sung by Jigar Saraiya, but composed by the composer Sachin Jigar (Sachin Jigar). Apart from this, the lyrics have been given by Priya Saraiya. Jigar and Shriya Pilgaonkar are seen in the music video of the song. Heera Song is directed by Arunima. The romantic Heera Song has been shot in Kashmir’s Haseen Wadi. Let me tell you that this pair of Sachin Jigah has given many romantic hit songs like Cybo, Nazar Na Lag Jaaye, Sun Saathiya, Piya O Re Piya, Mana Ke Hum Yaar Nahi and Jeen Laga Hoon. This song is even more special for Jigar because he is seen acting in this music video with Shriya Pilgaonkar.

Talking about ‘Heera’ song, Jigar said, “Heera, this song will give a unique glimpse of love. Along with love songs, I always try to make such songs. Prepare one that is very fresh, soulful and soulful. I am very happy that this song has been presented in the same beauty as the love song we wanted to create. I am very happy that through diamond, people can communicate love Have an opportunity. ”


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