Hearing today in high court on unmasked election campaigning; petitioner asked- fine being charged crores of rupees from common man, why soft corner on leaders? | The petitioner asked- fine being charged crores of rupees from common man, why soft on leaders?

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  • Hearing Today In High Court On Unmasked Election Campaigning; Petitioner Asked Fine Being Charged Crores Of Rupees From Common Man, Why Soft Corner On Leaders?

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The photo is from West Bengal. In an election rally here, most people were seen without masks. A petition has been filed in the Delhi High Court seeking a stay on such rallies and publicity in the Delhi High Court.

Among the crowd of thousands of millions, the leaders are campaigning without wearing a mask. On the other hand, crores of rupees have been collected from the common man in different states so far for not applying masks. A petition in this regard is to be heard today in the Delhi High Court. The decision of the court will decide whether the string of strictness will run only on the general public or strict action will also be taken on the leaders.

The court sought answers from the Center and the Election Commission
In this regard, a petition was filed on 17 March by Vikram Singh, former DGP of UP and chairman of the think tank CASC. Before that, he also sent a legal notice to the Election Commission. The court issued a notice on 22 March, ordering the Union Ministry of Home Affairs and Election Commission to file their reply before 30 April. Thereafter, on 23 March, the Central Government issued new guidelines of Corona. To implement them, the petitioner had given an application in the court and demanded an early hearing. The court fixed April 8 for hearing.

Be it the public or the leader, the rule should be one for everyone
Advocate Virag Gupta in the Supreme Court said that in this petition, citing the basic rights of ‘equality’ and ‘life’ in front of the law, it has been said that the rules should be one for all in the country. If during the election campaign, candidates, star campaigners or supporters break the rule of applying masks, then they should be banned permanently or for a fixed time. The Election Commission brought awareness through the media about “masks” and “social distancing” in 5 state assembly elections.

The photo is from Kolkata.  Here a party worker campaigning without a mask.

The photo is from Kolkata. Here a party worker campaigning without a mask.

Proof of mask publicity and fine without giving in the book

Virag is also the author of the book Unmasking VIP. He wrote this book at the time of lockdown last year. Gupta says in this book that these leaders who lead electoral rallies without putting on masks can pose major threats to crores of countrymen and the economy. On the one hand, while the common man is being arrested with imposing a penalty for not putting a mask on it, on the other hand the leaders are doing big rallies and road shows without applying masks. In this book, proof is given as a photo of leaders campaigning in rallies without wearing a mask. So far, state-wise details of the huge amount of fine imposed on the general public have also been given.

States have incurred huge compensation from the general public
The Delhi Police paid Rs 2.4 crore from April to July 2020. Fined as a penalty from the general public. After the guidelines issued again in November, in just 5 days, one and a half crore rupees. Were recovered. Bombay Municipal Corporation paid Rs 16.77 crore. Collected from 20 April to 23 December. In June 2020, the police in the electoral state of Tamil Nadu paid two crore. Recovered. 6.85 crores in Uttarakhand Recovered at lockdown. Jharkhand Police did not wear a mask at the time of the lockdown but about Rs 5 crore. As a penalty, 1845 were recovered from the people. In Bihar, this figure has also crossed 12 crores. The list of states is even longer.

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