Hearing on the bodies buried on the banks of the Ganges will be held in the High Court today, a public interest litigation has been filed regarding corona infection | That news of NewsBust India will also be presented in Allahabad High Court, in which there was mention of dead bodies buried within a radius of 1 KM in Shringverpur.

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  • Hearing On The Bodies Buried On The Banks Of The Ganges Will Be Held In The High Court Today, A Public Interest Litigation Has Been Filed Regarding Corona Infection

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Public interest litigation related to corona infection is to be heard in Allahabad High Court on Thursday. In this, action has been demanded against the guilty and negligent officers in the case of thousands of bodies buried on the banks of the Ganges. The matter is being monitored by the Division Bench of the Allahabad High Court.

Advocate Vijay Chandra Srivastava, who filed the petition, said that the matter of burial of a large number of dead bodies on the banks of the Ganges will also be brought to the notice of the court. Media reports have been made its basis. He said that the debate would also refer to Dainik NewsBust India’s report which broke the news of thousands of bodies buried within a kilometer radius in Shringverpur.

Responsible woke up after NewsBust India’s revelations
After this, the issue got the attention of the media and it became a big issue on seeing it. After the government’s embarrassment, this matter came into the limelight when the shroud, chunari and Ramnami were removed from the dead bodies. After this, the then DM Bhanuchandra Goswami had constituted an inquiry committee, whose report has not come yet. Even before the report came, the government transferred the DM.

Some other important points of debate

  • The bodies buried on the banks of the Ganges should be cremated with respect.
  • The national river Ganga is in danger of being polluted on a large scale. What is the government doing to avoid this?
  • Has any water been tested yet? If so, what is its report?
  • Who gave permission to bury the dead bodies on the banks of the Ganges? Who is responsible, why the NGT rules were ignored?
  • The matter will be heard through video conferencing at 2:15 pm.
  • The hearing will be held in the Division Bench of Chief Justice Sanjay Yadav and Justice Prakash Padia.

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