Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan said this on Chinas claim of Corona spreading in the World together …

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Harsh Vardhan interacted with followers on social media in the sixth episode of ‘Sunday Dialogue’

new Delhi:

Union Health Minister Harshvardhan has said that there is no evidence that confirms the claim that the Kovid-19 epidemic has spread to many places simultaneously in the world. China has claimed that the corona virus epidemic spread in several countries last year.

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Harsh Vardhan said during the sixth episode of ‘Sunday Samvad’ on Sunday, during an interaction with his followers on social media, that so far it has been accepted that the Kovid-19 epidemic spread from Wuhan, China for the first time in the world. He said that China has claimed that the disease spread simultaneously in many countries. After verification at the same time from several countries for verification, relevant data will be required when cases come up. But no concrete evidence is available in this context so far. Therefore, the case of Kovid-19 in Wuhan is the first case in the world.

In response to another question regarding the influx of oximeter manufactured in China in the market, he said, ‘When purchasing oximeters from the market or from online retailers, consumers should only look for products approved by the FDA or CE and they should meet ISO or IEC specifications. Should also be taken care of. However, he clarified that the fall in oxygen level is not a symptom of Kovid infection as it can happen in other morbid conditions.

Harshvardhan said that there has been no genetic change in the corona virus in India. In response to another question, the Health Minister said that no nasal vaccine is currently being tested in the country but will be released by Serum Institute or Bharat Biotech in the coming months. Clinical trials of such vaccines are likely to be carried out after regulatory approval in the state.

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