HDFC Bank New Scheme; Shopkeepers Will Get Overdraft Of 10 Lakh Rupees | Small shopkeepers will get overdraft of 10 lakh rupees, only 6 months bank statement will have to be given

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The Reserve Bank had said that banks can approve small amount overdraft facility at the branch manager level.

  • Must have a business record of at least 3 years to avail this facility
  • For this facility, more than 600 branches of the bank will support

HDFC Bank, the largest private sector bank, has launched a new scheme for small retailers. Under this, small shopkeepers can take overdraft facility up to Rs 10 lakh on the basis of 6 months bank statement. For this it has partnered with CSC SPV.

Shopkeeper renamed overdraft scheme

The bank said in a statement that this scheme has been named Shopkeeper Overdraft Scheme. With this facility, small shopkeepers and merchants will get benefit in the time of their cash crunch. This facility will be available to those retailers who have been running the business for at least 3 years. Based on the statement of 6 months, the bank can sanction an overdraft limit of minimum 50 thousand and maximum 10 lakh rupees.

no guarantee needed

The bank said that no guarantee or security is required for this. Nor will it require business financial and income tax returns. The bank said that retailers, shopkeepers and village entrepreneurs would be eligible for this facility. The bank has also kept at least paper work for its process. This facility will be given in a short time.

will help small shopkeepers

The new scheme has been launched to help small shopkeepers. Shopkeepers who have completed less than 6 years will get a facility of Rs 7.5 lakh. Those who are in business for more than 6 years, they will get 10 lakh facility. For this, the bank will have more than 600 branches and virtual relationship management support.

Proprietor and Business Partner can apply

The bank said that only proprietors and business partners can apply for this. In this regard, the Bank’s Government and Institutional Business Head Smita Bhagat said that for the last one year, the global economy is going through a bad environment due to Kovid-19. Small shopkeepers have been affected more in this environment. HDFC Bank in association with CSC has launched this initiative.

Earlier, the Reserve Bank had said that banks can allow small amount overdraft facility at the branch manager level. Especially those customers who have a satisfactory past history. This facility was for the current account holders.

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