Harsh Goenka Share Maths problem and Said Use any of mathematical signs Twitter Users Confused


Harsh Goenka shares the question of mathematics, the sweat of people left to do solve

Harsh Goenka, chairman and businessman of RPG Enterprises, is very active on social media. They continue to entertain followers by sharing funny jokes and brain teasers. This time, he has shared the Maths problem on Twitter, which has left people sweaty to solve it. He said, apply any math sign here and solve it. Also said that if there are genius, then solve it. His tweet is becoming viral.

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Harsh Goenka put many marks in the mathematics question and gave 6 answers to all and said, ‘Add the sign of mathematics anywhere and any time. If you do all the solutions, then you are a genius.

He did this post on April 8, which has so far had more than a thousand likes. Also, more than 200 re-tweets have been done. People took out the pen-paper and started to solve it. When someone got confused, someone solved it completely. One person quickly solved the mathematics question, on which Harsh Goenka wrote, ‘Looks like you are a genius.’

In the comment section, people gave such reactions and tried to solve …


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