Harsh Goenka Share Hilarious Post On Coronavirus 3rd Wave Told How To Wear A Mask


The third wave of Corona came, so how to wear a mask? Harsh Goenka shared a funny photo

The cases of Coronavirus are gradually decreasing in India. Many states have opened the lockdown. But there is a fear of the third wave in the minds of the people. In the second wave, more than 3 lakh cases were reported in India. People fear how dangerous the third wave will be. Meanwhile, businessman Harsh Goenka has made a funny tweet about the third wave, seeing which you too will not be able to stop your laughter. In the second wave, people were wearing two masks. He told through tweet that if the third wave comes, then how many masks will people have to wear. This tweet of his is becoming quite viral.

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Harsh Goenka shared a picture. In which the person has put on a mask in the first wave. Two masks are worn in the second wave. In the third wave, the person has covered his face with many masks.

Sharing the picture, Harsh Goenka wrote in the caption, ‘Don’t let the third wave strike you… Keep the mask on.’

He shared this tweet on June 9, which has so far garnered more than a thousand likes and more than 100 retweets. People have given funny reactions in the comment section…


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