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Navratri 2020 Day 8: Worship of Mahagauri on Ashtami, learn Puja method, Mantra and Aarti

Happy Mahanavami 2020 messages (Happy Maha Navami2020Messages)

Goddess steps into your home,

You take a shower

Troubles steal your eyes,

Happy Maha Navami 2020

Durga Puja 2020: What is offered as an offering to please the Mother Goddess during Durga Puja


Loves the mother’s light,

Everybody’s heart enjoys,

Whatever goes to the mother’s door,

He definitely gets something.

Happy Maha Navami 2020

Navratri 2020: Make Sandesh Sweet this festival season at home, learn the method here


Sing the virtues of mother all night

Chant the mother’s name

Get lost in mom

Happy Maha Navami 2020

Kanya Pujan 2020: Keep these things in mind while worshiping the girl, this is how you will worship, you will get good results.


Peace from this country now

Evil has to be erased

To burn terrorist Ravan

Shri Ram will have to come again today

Happy Maha Navami 2020

Why Kanjak Puja is done on Ashtami and Mahanavami, this time make this special dish in Kanya Bhoj


Today Lord Ram took an avatar,

Like Ram is a Saint,

In the same way, your life is also auspicious,

Happy Maha Navami 2020

Navratri 2020: Know, what is the importance of various weapons worn by Goddess Durga?


Never face sorrows…

God bless Goddess Durga

Happy Maha Navami 2020

Navratri 2020 Kanya Pujan: Do Virgo worship on Ashtami, know what is the importance and rules of Kanjak worship


Regard Rama as the ultimate truth of life,

Move on life path

Lord Ram will always be with you,

God will give you success in luck.

Happy Maha Navami 2020

Navratri 2020: 9 days of Navratri, devotees worship these 9 forms of Maa Durga


Noor meets mother’s light

Everyone’s heart gets glory

Whoever goes to mother’s door

Something must be found

Happy Maha Navami 2020

Bhojpuri: Pawan Singh’s Devi song blast on Navratri, more than 2 crore views Video


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