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Happy Lohri 2021: Send these 10 wonderful messages to your loved ones!

new Delhi:

Happy Lohri 2021: Lohri is the most popular festival in North India. Especially in Punjab, this festival is celebrated with great pomp. This year, the festival of Lohri (Lohri 2021) is being celebrated on 13 January. This is the first festival (Lohri) of the New Year (2021). During this, family and friends celebrate together. During the night, everyone burns fire under the open fire and bites around it, sings folk songs, dances and eats peanuts, corn, reindeer and gajak. But any festival remains incomplete without wishing their loved ones. At the same time, it is now a time to send digital greetings in the time of Kovid-19 You too, do not forget to send these magnificent messages to each other and give Lohri Wishes.

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Happy Lohri 2021 Images, Wishes And Messages

1. Sugarcane de Ras es Chinni di sack
Turned usurp
Rall mill all Khaiya til de naal
Teee, eighty happiness filled Lohri
Happy Lohri 2021


2. Bhande Di Wari was changed
Make Lohri celebrated
Come on call
Sing beautiful
Lohri di aap te apade whole family ni congratulations
Happy Lohri 2021


3. Punjab Bhangra de Makkon Cream,
Punjabi tadka te dal fry,
Twanu Lohri Di Lakh Lakh Slaughter
Happy Lohri 2021


4. Twinkle-twinkle or the car
Khadke Galasi In The Bar
Punjabi bhangada chicken fry
Twanu Lohri Di Lakh Lakh Slaughter
Happy Lohri 2021


5. Sweet dialect, sweet tongue, this sweet dish
I wish you this auspicious message of Lohri
Happy Lohri 2021


6. In cold shaking
With sweetness of peanuts, revdi and jaggery
Happy Lohri
With the warmth of friendship and relationship
Happy Lohri 2021

7. Peanut Di Khushbu Te Jaggery Sweetness,
Makki di roti te mustard da saag,
Dil di khushi te loved ones,
Happy Howe Tanu Lohri Festival…
Happy Lohri 2021

8. Sesame found in sweet jaggery
Kite and heart blossomed
Everyday happiness and peace in your life
Wish you a happy lohri
Happy Lohri 2021


9. Hand Witch Peanuts
Mouth Witch Revd
Choking a little bit of la
Speak again … Happy Lohri
Happy Lohri 2021


10. All gum should be burnt in Lohri fire
Happiness will always be in your life
Happy Lohri 2021



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