Hairdresser Plays Emotional Song In Saloon Customer Started Crying See Viral Video


Viral Video: In the salon, the barber played such a song while cutting, the customer started crying bitterly

On social media, a video of a saloon is becoming increasingly viral, listening to which you too will laugh and laugh. It is often seen that songs are played in the salon to pass the customer’s time pass. But this time the barber played such a song (Hairdresser Plays Emotional Song In Saloon), after hearing which the customer started crying bitterly. Instead of getting cut, he started crying by putting his head on the table. Social media users are very fond of this funny video.

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It can be seen in the video that the barber is cutting the customer and played the famous song ‘Everything is forgotten …’ in the background ‘Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam’. On hearing the emotional song, the customer started crying and instead of getting cut, he started crying by putting his head on the table. After seeing the customer crying, the barber laughed. He started laughing after seeing the others.

While sharing the video, a page on Facebook wrote in the caption, ‘Request from salon people is such songs don’t play songs

See Video:

Apart from Facebook, this video is also being shared on Twitter and Instagram. Users are very fond of this video and are sharing their experience. One user wrote, ‘This has happened to me too. The barber plays his favorite songs and makes us bored.

Another user wrote, “I still can’t stop laughing.” The third user wrote, ‘The way the barber is laughing. Looks like he has run the song knowing that.


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