Gut Health and Diabetes: Experts Know the Link Between Your Gut Health and Type-2 Diabetes | Does Gut Bacteria Affect Blood Sugar?


Diabetes: Unhealthy diet and lifestyle puts you at high risk of type-2 diabetes

Special things

  • Unbalanced gut bacteria affects your digestive health.
  • Consumption of probiotics increases the good bacteria in the intestine.
  • Prebiotics feed on good bacteria in the intestine.

Does Gut Bacteria Affect Blood Sugar ?: Gut bacteria are not linked to your digestion but to your overall health. According to studies, there is a strong correlation between gut health and type-2 diabetes. Many variable factors increase the risk of type-2 diabetes and unhealthy eating is one of them. Type-2 diabetes affects a large population today. This is a chronic condition which requires continuous management of healthy blood sugar. If left unchecked, diabetes affects various parts of the body. To control the side effects, it is necessary to control your blood sugar level. In this article, you will understand the link between intestinal health and type-2 diabetes.

What is the link between gut health and type-2 diabetes? What Is The Link Between Gut Health And Type-2 Diabetes

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Type-2 diabetes is a multicultural disease involving hereditary as well as environmental factors. Many pathological defects have been described in type-2 diabetes. Recently the role of gut microbiota has also come to prominence.

In the human body, there are trillions of bacteria. The intestine, in particular, contains favorable microbes (bacteria) that help digestion and maintain metabolic health. In those who follow unhealthy lifestyles (eat junk food, do not exercise or are obese) and have type-2 diabetes, healthy microbes such as lactobacillus and bifidobacteria are replaced by unhealthy microbes.

b2nf53boExperts say that unhealthy balance of gut bacteria can increase the risk of diabetes

It is a result of chronic inflammation that is associated with many cardiomobolic disorders including type-2 diabetes. It has been suggested that this is one of the reasons for the increasing prevalence of type-2 diabetes.

It is also known that adopting a healthy lifestyle, eating green leafy vegetables and fruits and avoiding junk foods and controlling diabetes well can be restored to normal. The use of probiotics can also help healthy microbes restore the unhealthy gut microbiota.

You can control your type-2 diabetes risk with simple modifications in diet and lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet can play a role. If you have a family history of diabetes, you should look for early signs and symptoms.


(Dr. V. Mohan heads the MDRF-Hinduja Foundation T1D program and is the Chairman and Head of Diabetology, Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialist Center and President, Madras Diabetes Research Foundation, Chennai, India)

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