Gujarati Man Makes Ice Cream Pav instead of Vada pav Video Is Going Viral – Gujarati made ice cream pav instead of vada pav, people said – God will not forgive …


Viral Video: Gujarati made ice cream pav instead of vada pav, people showed anger …

Many of us like to eat Vada Pav. We must have eaten Samosa Pav, Bhaji Pav, Idli Pav, Maska Pav, Pav Bhaji many times. But a Gujarati (Gujarat Man) surprised everyone by making Ice Cream Pav. People saw such a thing on the Internet, which they would never have imagined. This video is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

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It can be seen in the video that the person pours flakes into the ice shell in the paw. Then he takes out the ice cream from the fridge and pours it into the pav. Then he puts flavors on it and serves. This video has been posted on Twitter by a person named Sahil Adhikari. If someone liked this recipe very much, someone criticized it a lot.

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This video was shared on September 15, which has so far had more than 36 thousand views. Also, more than 300 likes and more than 100 re-tweets have been done. Many people criticized this recipe very much. One user wrote, 'The end of the world is near now'. The other user wrote, 'God will never forgive for this.'

Let me tell you, Vada Pav is eaten in Maharashtra. People there eat it as breakfast. Layer of green-red chutney, gunpowder and batata vada is served with green chillies. But the people in Ice Cream Pav have surprised.


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