Gujarat: chemical factory in Bharuch caught fire, two laborers died – Gujarat: chemical factory in Bharuch caught fire, two laborers died


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The major agro-chemical company UPL Limited said on Tuesday that two personnel died and 26 others were injured in a fierce fire at its Jhagadia plant in Bharuch district of Gujarat. According to the company, more than five employees are missing. UPL said that the accident could have been caused by a fire / explosion in liquids but he did not rule out the possibility of any disturbance. Meanwhile, the company said that it will give compensation to the relatives of the deceased personnel and the affected employees.

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UPL said that during the closure of the plant in Jhagadia unit of Gujarat, there was an unfortunate incident of heavy fire late at night. The company said that the explosion occurred at a plant which was closed for annual boiler inspection from February 5, 2021. The fire broke out after the explosion. UPL said that there was no chemical reaction due to the plant being closed. He said that no chemical or gas leakage occurred during or after the incident.

Police Inspector PH Vasava of the local police station said that the fire at United Phosphorus Limited’s plant occurred after the explosion at around 2 am. Local sources said that there was an explosion in the boiler while the police officer did not say anything clear about it and said that the investigation is on.


Sources said that this factory located in Jhagadia industrial area produces chemicals used in medicines. Vasava said, “Two bodies have been recovered from the debris inside the factory so far. The search for the missing five others is on.” The officer said that the explosion was so strong that it was also heard by people present at a great distance from the scene.
He said that about 15 fire engines were sent on the spot and the fire was controlled by half past six in the morning.

The company said that 26 employees were injured and were admitted to the hospital, out of which 15 have been discharged while 11 are in the hospital. No one is in a critical situation.

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