GRP negligence in Madhya Pradesh leaving the body in open area mice nibble eyes


The mice bit the corpse’s eyes. (Token picture)

Special things

  • Itarsi GRP’s gross negligence
  • GRP left body in open
  • Mice put the eyes of the deceased


There were many cases of negligence with dead bodies in hospitals during the Corona period, now one such case has come up in the Itarsi GRP of Bhopal division, where the body was kept in the open. At night, the mice mutilated the eyes of the deceased. The incident is on Thursday night. The youth of Agra was going to Agra by Karnataka Express. He died on the way. The GRP removed the body and placed it in an open platform. By not paying attention throughout the night, the mice bit both eyes of the young man. After the post-mortem, the family took the body to Agra. The relatives have complained about this negligence.

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GRP had reported the incident to the family late night. When the GRP sent a photo of the deceased to the family, the eyes were fine, but in the morning when the family saw the dead body, the deceased’s eyes had turned a mouse. Actually according to GRP, Jitendra Singh (33 years) son Bhikam Singh resident Nagla Taj police station Barhan Agra met in unconscious state on the berth number 17 of S9 coach of Karnataka Express going from Bengularu to New Delhi on Thursday night. The train came on the train platform 1 at 9:30 pm.

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After examination by the doctors, the young man was declared dead, after which the body was taken off the train and the body was placed on the raw platform made in front of the GRP premises. Which was kept till 2 pm on Friday afternoon. During this time, the guard was also installed by the GRP post to protect the body, but no one even tried to look at the body, so the body was kept in the open overnight. Police personnel posted in GRP say that due to being late at night, the body was kept in the open, along with the watchman was deployed.

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Hundreds of trains travel from Itarsi station, but the Itarsi GRP does not have a separate system to keep the dead bodies and many times people die in the train while traveling, due to which the GRP bodies are kept in the open Keeps it.


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