Grandson Ask Papa Had More Girlfriends Or Uncle S Grandmother Gives Epic Reactions See Viral Video


Grandson asked- ‘Papa had more girlfriends or uncle’s’, grandmother opened the pole like this

A few days ago, a funny video of Grandmother went viral, where the grandson asked Grandmother that ‘Grandma will you go to heaven, or hell’. So grandmother gave a befitting reply. This time another video of grandmother has been overshadowed, where grandson and grandmother’s conversation is going viral again. This time the grandson asked the grandmother whether Papa had more girlfriends or uncle’s. On this, the grandmother angrily gave a wonderful answer (Grandmother Gives Epic Reaction). The video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Instagram user Vibhor Sharma keeps sharing videos of his grandmother.

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Watch Video:

Grandson asks grandmother, ‘Grandma Papa had more girlfriends or Papa’s?’ So Dadi says, ‘Papa was hiding Rustam and uncle’s girlfriends are running till date. As you are understood. So the grandson said, ‘Grandma why do you bring me in the middle’. So grandmother said, ‘If you are asking, I will not answer.’ The grandson said, ‘I am asking you about father and uncle.’ Grandmother said, ‘Uncle is like you even today.’ Grandson said, ‘You insult me ​​in every video.’ So the grandmother said, ‘Whose disrespect, disrespect belongs to those who have respect.’

This video was shared on May 16, which has got more than 45 thousand likes so far. Users are very much liking the style of grandmother. One user wrote, Grandma said right. Another user wrote, what is Grandma’s, looks very good.


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