Governments clarification on migrant workers death issue


A large number of workers returned to their homes from the metros during the Corona lockdown

Special things

  • Said, there is no mechanism to collect such data in districts
  • Data related to births are kept at the body level
  • In such a situation, it is not right to question the attitude of Labor Ministry

new Delhi:

The absence of any data on migrant workers' deaths during the Coronavirus lockdown said that the central government, which came under attack from the opposition, today clarified the matter. On behalf of the government, on Wednesday, it was said that there is no 'mechanism' to collect such data in the districts. Officials said that according to norms established over several decades, birth and death data (birth and death) are kept at the level of the urban body. Sources said that there is no mechanism to collect data related to the death of migrant laborers in a district at the urban body level. In such a case, it is not right to question the attitude adopted by the Ministry of Labor in this matter.

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The Union Labor Ministry had informed in the Lok Sabha on Monday that the government does not have data on the migrant deaths data, in which case the question of giving compensation does not arise. In fact, the government was asked what compensation has been given to the families of migrant laborers who lost their lives trying to reach their families in the corona virus lockdown? There was a lot of criticism and uproar from the opposition on this answer of the government. The Labor Ministry has admitted that more than 1 crore migrant laborers have reached their home state from corners of the country during the lockdown. However, the government today appeared in the mood for damage control on this issue. Information was given by the Ministry of Labor about the measures taken for the welfare of migrant workers during the Kovid-19 crisis.

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Significantly, in the first parliamentary session between Coronaviruses, the Ministry was asked whether the government has any data on the migrant laborers returning to their homes. The opposition had also asked in the question whether the government is aware that many workers lost their lives during this period and whether the government has any details about them? At the same time, the question was whether such families were given financial assistance or compensation? On this, Union Labor Minister Santosh Kumar Gangwar had said in his written reply that 'no such data has been maintained. In this case, no question arises on this.

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