Government should back private sector for self-reliant India, PM Narendra Modi told in NITI Aayog event – PM Modi spoke in NITI Aayog’s program for self-reliant India


PM Modi stressed the need to repeal the outdated laws and make the system more accessible for businesses.

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday emphasized the need to repeal outdated laws and make the system more accessible to businesses, and said that it is necessary for the Center and States to work together in solidarity to achieve strong economic growth. Modi while addressing the Governing Council of NITI Aayog said that the private sector should also be given full opportunity to participate in the government’s self-reliant India campaign.

He said, “The Center and the States will have to work together for the progress of the country … For economic progress, the government will have to respect the private sector and also give proper representation to it.” The way the budget has been welcomed is an indication that the country wants to move more rapidly on the path of development. He said that with the initiative of his government, everyone will get an opportunity to contribute to the building of the nation.

Referring to the agriculture sector, the Prime Minister said that more attention should be paid to increasing production of products like oilseeds so that dependence on imports of edible oil etc. is reduced. He said, “This can be achieved only by giving direction to the farmers.”


He said that the money spent on the import of food items can go to the account of the farmers. Modi also expressed the need to reduce the burden of compliance of rules and regulations on the people. In this context, the Prime Minister asked the states to form committees and sort out the rules and regulations which have no utility in this era of new technology.

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