Government of India Cyber ​​Advisor Interview; Dr. Nishakant Ojha On Online Fraud and Prevention | Government’s cyber expert told- how hackers attack your device; Understand how to avoid 10 questions and their answers?

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  • Government Of India Cyber ​​Advisor Interview; Dr. Nishakant Ojha On Online Fraud And Prevention

New Delhi11 minutes ago

Cyber ​​Attack… This is a word that has taken away people’s sleepless nights and daytime peace. With its help, hackers have stolen people’s data and information. Also, even the bank account was emptied. Even today many people do not know about cyber attack. This is the reason why an SMS on the phone, a message received on WhatsApp or a click on a link on a social media platform spoils the whole work.

What is Cyber ​​Attack? How does someone sit far away and empty your bank account with just one link? How your important information gets stolen from phone or computer? The answers to all these questions are being told by the Cyber ​​Advisor of the Government of India, Dr. Nishakant Ojha.

Question 1: What is Cyber ​​Attack?
answer: Cyber ​​attack can also be understood in such a way that a stranger knocks on your house and you open the door, then he can enter inside the house and do anything. But on knocking him if we ask him who are you before opening the door? With whom you want to meet? what is the work? Then he might not even get entry in the house. Similarly, be wise before opening the messages that come on your phone, computer or other device.

In this era, most things have become digital. We are moving fast towards Digital India. Now we need a machine for every work, without it we cannot survive. In such a situation, when we become dependent on one machine and our data or information starts traveling on one platform, then there is also a need to secure it. When any data moves from one location to another, whether it is related to a transaction or giving some information. It becomes necessary to protect him.

Cyber ​​attackers try to know your thinking. They figure out which user’s which object is to be attacked. Cyber ​​attacks do not happen in a minute or a day, rather they wait for the right time. Even if it takes a month or a year for it.

Question-2: Why is there a need for security related to cyber attacks?
answer: A new form of digitization has emerged in Kovid-19. We got to see new concepts like work from home, online education. With increasing digitization, hackers have also started getting many opportunities. In such a situation, people have to understand that to whom, how much and when to give your information, till then you are safe. This thing has to be understood by everyone, from children to elders and elders.

It is very important to be alert to avoid cybercrime, because sometimes senior officers sitting on sensitive posts also become victims of it. They get a call from a hacker who tells them that their debit or credit card has been hacked and their PIN number or other data is obtained. Many times in the panic, the balance of the user’s mind gets disturbed and he makes a mistake. This is the reason why we need to take full care of cyber security.

Question-3: What are the disadvantages of cyber attack?
answer: Cyber ​​attack means not only stealing people’s money, but it can also lead to jihad, terrorist activities can also be done, people can be instigated, or any other activity can be done like this. In such a situation, cyber security is needed to prevent all these things. However, at the level we should have been, we are still far from there. Even today, we believe more in theory, not practical. Due to this, there are about 47 thousand cyber attacks in India in a day.

Most cyber attacks are being done from North Korea, China, West Asian countries. In today’s era, all wars, all games, all business, almost everything is based on information. That is, if this information is leaked, then trouble is sure to come. China is such a country in the world which started taking this thing seriously years ago. 50 percent of its force (People’s Liberation Army) understands cyber security. So now we should also take it seriously.

Question-4: Can people keep their devices safe from cyber attacks?
answer: It is always said in the cyber world that everything is safe, and nothing is safe. Smartphone and computer are just one device. Cyber ​​attacks never happen on the device, but on the different platforms used on them.

For example, if a hacker has to do a cyber attack on someone, then he will not see which phone or computer you have. Rather, it will see which social platforms you are connected to. Which gadgets are you using? The hacker only needs access to your device. For this, it will enter your device from any platform. That’s why it is important that before sharing your information, see who is taking it and where?

Question-5: Can cyber attack be prevented with anti virus?
answer: Now cyber attack can be done in any way like mail, phishing, message, photo. The hacker will send a link on your WhatsApp in a message, on clicking which he will get the access to your device. Then he can harm your data according to his own. That is, your device cannot be protected even by any anti virus or other software. Similarly, using Telegram or Wire instead of WhatsApp is also not a solution because a hacker can hack your WhatsApp account, then he will also hack Telegram or Wire.

Question-6: What is the first step to avoid cyber attack?
answer: Whenever you are connecting with someone, you should know the source, mode and study your path. So where is this information coming from? do i know this man? What information is this asking from me? How is it connected to me? If you have studied all these things, then no one will be able to harm you.

Question 7: How can we reduce cyber attacks?
answer: All the cyber security firms we have here work alone. Not all of them share their information. In such a situation, your information will not flow, then there is bound to be a loss. For example, suppose I came to know that jihadi recruitment of 3500 boys is going on on WhatsApp or Telegram, but I kept this information with myself. So unless this information reaches the security agency, what is the use of having it with me.

Question-8: What is the benefit of hackers stealing information?
answer: Our own people are hacking us. Agency recruits hackers for defense, but they start hacking us. We had identified a case in which many students were caught due to hacking. Those students were studying in the university and also used to do hacking. When asked why you did this, he said that he did not know anything about it. They got a message on the dark web that they want data from some organization, for this they are transferring bitcoin. In such a situation, they used to steal the information and pass it on. Later hackers misuse this information of yours.

Question-9: What to do if your device is under cyber attack?
answer: The hackers also give a link in the SMS that comes to the phone, which is actually a malware. As soon as the user clicks on such a link, the malware activates and gives the hacker access to your system. If such a situation ever occurs, the system should be shut down. This will break the connectivity, but it is not guaranteed that it will not be damaged. If this happens to a novice, then he should first of all turn off his phone and remove the SIM. Then after at least 10 seconds turn it on again.

Question-10: What is the easiest tip to avoid cybercrime?
answer: Suppose hackers sent a message on the WhatsApp of a farmer, which reads that this is the rate of pulses and rice in the market today. Then he will feel that this message is coming from the government. Then as soon as he clicks on it, the hacker will hack his bank account. The only way to stop this is to make people aware of it. They will have to show practically the damage caused by such messages or links. When they see and understand it from the front, then perhaps such incidents can be controlled.

People use their cyber gadgets with care, because you never know the moment you lose your cool. Hackers always wait for the right opportunity. When you connect with someone, communicate with someone, add someone to your friend list, give your details to someone, then be careful during all these things.


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