Google Doodle On Covid-19 Prevention Google letters wear face masks in new quirky doodle


Google also applied mask when Corona cases increased, gave this message

The Coronavirus vaccine may have arrived, but its rollout is super slow compared to the spread of COVID-19. Its new variants have rocked the world with alarm. So on Tuesday, Google re-launched the ‘Mask Lago, Zindagi Bachao’ doodle (Google Doodle). As new infection cases from the new Coronavirus Variant increased worldwide, Google Doodle brought awareness of wearing face masks, washing hands, and practicing social distance through its animated homepage. This doodle was released by Google in August 2020.

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Eight months later, the doodle has been updated again, and on April 6, 2021, the letters of “Google” are spaced. He was asked to practice methods of prevention of Kovid-19 and wear each colored mask and stay away from socially. Clicking on the animated doodle opens a page that explains the symptoms, prevention, and basic treatments of Kovid-19.


Google Doodle

On Tuesday, Google Doodle prominently featured the Kovid-19 prevention tip of wearing a cloth mask over a disposable mask. According to the CDC, the wearer provides a better fit as well as better protection for the people around. While sharing the video, Google gave the message, ‘Wear a mask and save your life.’

Google’s Kovid-19 Resource Hub states, ‘Masks can help prevent the spread of the virus to others wearing masks. The mask alone does not protect Kovid-19. Physical distance and hand hygiene are also important. Follow the advice given by your local health authority.


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