Goodbye 2019: Top 10 sports controversies of year 2019


1. 'Entangled' World Cup Final in Boundary Count Rules

In the Cricket World Cup 2019, England got the pride of being the champions on their own ground but they did not survive their victory. The World Cup 2019 Final took place between England and New Zealand. England were declared champions on the basis of the Boundary Count Rule, after the tie was tied in the prescribed overs and super overs as well. After the tournament everyone's condolences were with the runner-up New Zealand team. During the match, the umpire also got 'help' from England. During the last over of the match, when England's batsmen were running two runs, the throw of the fielder hit the bat of England's Ben Stocks and went outside the boundary. As a result England were given six runs (two runs scored and four runs over throw). Later these six runs were proved to be decisive and with his help England was able to tie the match in the prescribed 50 overs. Experts believed that the umpires should have given England five runs instead of six as the two batsmen did not cross each other while running the second run. Even after the title win of England, the Boundary Count Rules remained the subject of discussion for a long time. However, now ICC, the apex body of cricket, has recently decided to remove the Boundary Count Rules from the finals of all major tournaments. ICC has now announced that in the event of a Super Over tie in any tournament knockout match. Super overs will continue to be played until the winner is determined.

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2. Comment by Sanjay Manjrekar and Anger of Ravindra Jadeja ..

tnovcu4o "id =" story_image_main "src =" "/></div></div><p>Staying in controversies is becoming in the habit of former Indian cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar. Sanjay is currently in the role of commentator. During World Cup 2019, a tweet by Manjrekar made Team India's all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja so angry that he gave this former cricketer a chance to learn how to stay in the limits and respect the players. The controversy started when Manjrekar said that he would have preferred the specialist batsmen and bowlers in the Indian team over the erratic batsmen-bowlers. Before the match against Bangladesh in the World Cup-2019, Manjrekar had said that he would give Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal a place in the next match even after a poor performance against England. Manjrekar said this in response to a question in which he was asked whether Ravindra Jadeja should be included in the team after Chahal and Kuldeep's poor performances?</p><blockquote class=

Still i have played twice the number of matches you have played and i am still playing. Learn to respect ppl who have achieved.i have heard enough of your verbal diarrhoea.@sanjaymanjrekar

– Ravindrasinh jadeja (@imjadeja) July 3, 2019

However, Manjrekar strongly praised Sir Jadeja after his strong performance with the bat in the semifinal match against New Zealand. However, by then they had already faced the empty displeasure of the cricketers.

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3. Then 'Fixing Fake' out of the bottle

The news of spot fixing in the Karnataka Premier League once again exposed corruption in the game of cricket. The fixing of the fixing then came out of the bottle. The important thing is that a fast bowler who has played for Team India is also under investigation in this case. This fast bowler was also summoned for questioning. So far, the team of Crime Branch has arrested some people including the owners of the franchisees and some people in this case.

4. MS Dhoni's 'Army logo' on the occasion, a debate


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