Golfer Tiger Woods in surgery after car crash in Los Angeles – Tiger Woods’ car overturned, feet seriously injured, operation taken


Tiger Woods injured in car accident

Both legs of well-known golfer Tiger Woods have been seriously injured in a car crash near Los Angeles in the US state of California. His car went off the road and overturned several times in the accident. According to the officials, who brought Tiger Woods, who is known as a golf legend, to the hospital, he was very lucky, who survived the accident. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva of Los Angeles said that Tiger Woods did not appear to be in the grip of alcohol or any other drugs during the crash. There was no other vehicle or pedestrian at the time of the accident in this part of the road, which is considered a ‘hotspot’ for accidents with high speed vehicles.

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Deputy Carlos Gonzalez, who first arrived at the site of the accident, said, “I would say that it was a good fortune that Tiger Woods escaped from the accident …” Gonzalez found Tiger trapped in the car, but he was conscious. ” Calm ”, and could identify himself. Los Angeles County Fire Chief Darryl Osby described Tiger Woods’ situation as’ stable ‘and said, “I think, both of his legs are seriously injured.” … “

Firefighters and paramedic officers took Tiger Woods out of the wreckage of his SUV and carried him along the neck collar to the local hospital by road, where he was operated upon. According to Sheriff Alex Villanueva, ‘There is no evidence of any harm at this time’, nor has any evidence of any drugs, drugs or alcohol been found.


Woods is considered one of the greatest golfers of all time in the world, and has won 15 major golf championships. The 45-year-old Tiger Woods was in the area for the annual Genesis Invitational Golf Tournament, and was driving the car himself on the morning of the accident.

PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan issued a statement saying, “Looking forward to more information after their operation … The PGA Tour and our players are praying for Tiger, and we will give him full support … “

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