Girl Scared and Crying During COVID Vaccination Doctor Gives Angry Reaction See Viral Video


Girl did so much ‘drama’ to get Corona vaccinated, Angry doctor said – ‘Get lost’ – Watch video

Coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly in India. More than 3 lakh cases are being reported every day for many days. To avoid this, people are getting vaccinated. After 45 plus people, now 18 plus people are getting vaccinated. Meanwhile, videos of those who are afraid of injections are also coming out. A girl did so much drama while applying the vaccine (Girl Scared and Crying during COVID Vaccination), that even the doctor got angry. She was repeatedly screaming mummy and trying to run away. Video is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

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It can be seen in the video that the girl is sitting on a chair. As soon as the doctor comes near with an injection in his hand. Frightened, the girl tells the doctor to stop for a minute. The nurse catches him. After that she starts shouting mummy-mummy. Being upset, the doctor asks him to leave. Then she asks the doctor to get the vaccine. As soon as the doctor is injected, she says, ‘Mummy, I can speak.’ The doctor says, “Don’t say anything, sit calmly.” After that, the doctor angrily tells him – ‘Get lost’.

See Video:

On May 3, a user named Logical Thinker has shared on Twitter, which has had more than a million views so far. Also, more than 7 thousand likes have been done. Also, more than 3 thousand re-tweets have been done. In the comment section, people have given such reactions …


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