Girl pouring water on her sleeping dad Prank Video Is Going Viral


Viral Video: Daughter pours water on her father's face while sleeping, awake man and then …

On the social media, a cute video of father and daughter is becoming viral, which will bring a smile on your face too. You must have seen many such prank videos where the daughter pranks with her father. Something similar happened this time too. Girl Pouring Water On Dad put a glass of water on her mouth while sleeping in deep sleep, after which the reaction the father gave was worth watching.

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Apart from Instagram, this video has also been shared on Twitter. Twitter But even this video has become increasingly viral, which has got more than 4 million views so far. On seeing this video on Twitter, users became emotional.

It can be seen in the video that a small girl pranks on her father. While the father was fast asleep, the daughter brought a glass of cold water and put it on his mouth. The father panicked and started looking at the daughter. His daughter was laughing out loud at that time. Seeing the daughter laughing, the father also laughed and he gave a wonderful reaction.

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This video is being well liked on Instagram as well. One user wrote, 'The girl has given such a lovely reaction after prank. It was fun to see. The other user wrote, 'I am watching this video again and again. This girl is really lovely. The third user wrote, 'This girl is so cute.'


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