Girl killed in UPs Banda district, possibility of rape – In-laws of elder sister’s murder of girl by her brother-in-law, fear of rape


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On Saturday evening, a teenager was allegedly murdered by his elder sister’s brother-in-law with an ax in Atra town of Banda district of Uttar Pradesh. According to the police, there is a possibility of killing a teenager living in Madhya Pradesh after rape.

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Satyaprakash Sharma, Deputy Superintendent of Police (CO) of Atra region said, “A teenager from a district in Madhya Pradesh had come to visit her elder sister’s in-laws in the town of Atra. On Saturday evening, at about six o’clock in the same (elder sister’s) house, his brother-in-law killed the teenager with an ax and escaped. At the time of the incident, there was no one in the house except the girl and the accused.

In this connection, a murder case has been taken against the accused young man Nanhe (24) and the body has been taken and many police teams have been deployed for the arrest of the accused. The CO said, “Prima facie it seems that the teenager has been murdered after the rape, but cannot officially say anything before the postmortem report comes.”

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