Girl Eating Live Fish Like Bhelpuri People Shocked Ips Said Chinese Version Of Bhelpuri See Shocking Video


The man was selling alive small fish mixed with spices, the girl started eating it

On hearing the name of Bhel Puri, water comes in the mouth. If the mind wants to eat something spicy or tasty, then the name of Bhelpuri comes first in the mind. But seeing the Bhelpuri we are going to mention today will surely blow your mind. Actually, this video is of a street food in China. It has been shared on Twitter by Indian Police Service officer Rupin Sharma and has named the dish as the Chinese version of Bhelpuri. So you also see this Chinese Bhelpuri.

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Sharing this video from his official Twitter account, IPS Rupin Sharma wrote ‘Chinese version of Bhelpuri’, ‘Live fish puri’ with a laughing emoji in the caption. You will surely be surprised to see what is seen in this video. A man is seen selling street food in the video. A big box of water is visible near him, in which hundreds of small fish are diving.

Now you too must be thinking that what is the work of fish in Bhelpuri, so let us tell you. Just like any Bhelpuri, this man is seen making Machipuri in this too. When it was prepared by mixing all the spices with the fish, then the jumping fish started coming out of the pot. Then it was packed and given to a girl standing in front. As soon as the girl who was seen wearing a mask in the video opened the box, the fish started jumping out, then while testing it, the girl made a very dirty mouth, from which it is not difficult to understand that as bad as it looked, eating I would have been worse than that.

This video is becoming increasingly viral on Twitter. People are making funny comments on this video. Commenting on the Chinese people, one user wrote, now I do not know which other new disease will be brought by Ching Pokli, then one wrote taking a sarcasm, that in the same way Corona Puri China fed the whole world, whose taste is no life. Will not forget the whole.


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