Giant Spiderwebs Blanket Australia After Flooding interesting news | In the flood-prone area of ​​Australia, the spiders cast a net, made a large and transparent web far and wide to escape from the water


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A shocking sight has been seen after the floods in the town of Gippsland in the state of Victoria in Australia. A spider web has spread in the flooded area. This net is very big and transparent. After the floods in many areas here, spiders have made their home on trees, poles and hoarding boards placed on the roadside.

so made such a trap
After the flood, the electricity system in the town of Gippsland has collapsed and many buildings have been damaged. Due to the rise in the water level on the ground, the spiders here are trying to reach the height by weaving webs. According to the BBC report, spiders are weaving large scale webs to protect themselves. This technique of saving itself is called ‘Ballooning’ in scientific language. With its help the spider reaches the height.

Humans are not threatened by these spiders
Experts say that there is no great danger to humans due to the bites of the spiders that make these webs. Yes, spider bites can cause mild itching. People need not worry. These spiders are so small in size that it is difficult for them to penetrate human skin.

Sharing photos on social media
Insect scientist Dr. Ken Walker says, “This net is very beautiful. The flood caused the spiders to quickly leave the ground. These pictures are being shared on social media. Social media users are marveling at the sheer size of the net.

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