Giant snake of 50 feet stuck in big drum, eyes opened wide – see video – 50 feet giant snake stuck in big drum, eyes opened wide – watch video


Viral video of the giant snake has been viewed more than a million times on Twitter

new Delhi:

Humans have always been interested in snakes. Video of one such giant anaconda was seen millions of times on social media. This video of Anaconda on social media did not take long to go viral (Video Viral). The video shows how an anaconda, which came rapidly from the water, got stuck in a drum, laying a trap on the shore and splashing for hours to get out of it.

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In it, a giant snake was trapped in a blue drum in the bamboos on the banks of a mud-filled lake. He was flirting to get out of the drum, but no one dared to go near him. But whoever saw this video shared on Twitter, his eyes were wide open. In this, the length of the anaconda is being told more than 50 feet. Along with sharing the video, it was written in the caption – went to catch the chick and the entire poultry form started. In fact, this video is two years old and has been viewed more than 1 million times on Twitter.

Although the snake looked as giant as it was in the video, it was not really that fierce. According to the fact checking website Snoops, the video was designed to manipulate the small snake into a giant. The blue colored drum seen in the video was nothing more than a small pipe. When the original clip of the video surfaced, it was known that the lake containing mud was just a little water filled at one place.


Not only this, the inhibitors of big bamboo were just small poles. This is not the first time that a video of a snake has been tampered with and projected by making it so huge that the eyes of those watching it on the internet were torn. Such videos do not take long to become viral on the Internet.


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