Giant Lizard created ruckus inside shop, panic caused to people see Shocking Video


Lizard created ruckus by entering inside shop

A video is becoming quite viral on social media, in which a giant monitor lizard entered the shop and created a ruckus. This creepy video is from 7 Eleven outlet in Thailand, shared by Thai travel agency Mundo Nomada on Twitter.

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In this shocking video, a giant reptile can be seen crawling a set of shelves inside the store, during which the giant lizard knocked down several items of the store. Frightened customers can be heard standing at some distance shouting as the giant lizard climbed up into the shop. Upon reaching up, she sat there, during this time the people present there were making videos of her.

See Video:

This video is becoming increasingly viral on the Internet and so far this video has been viewed more than 5 lakh times. One user wrote in the comment, ‘This is like a nightmare.’ At the same time, some people also made funny comments on the video. One said that the lizard only wanted to have some “upstairs snacks”.

After the video went viral on social media, Mundo Nomada identified the reptile as a monitor lizard in another tweet. The tour operating company wrote, “The animal seen in the video is an Asian water monitor.” “You can easily find them in Bangkok (formerly for Lumphini Park) and other parts of Thailand. They often eat Carayan. Thai people use the name of this animal as an insult.”


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