Ghulam Nabi Azad also broke the silence on the defeat of the Congress, saying – leadership is not to blame but


Ghulam Nabi Azad openly expressed his opinion on the Congress defeat

new Delhi:

Senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad has also broken his silence over the Congress (Congress) defeat in the Bihar assembly elections and by-elections. Azad said that he does not blame the party leadership for the defeat in the elections, but we have lost touch with the people at the grassroots. Unless we change the working style of the Congress at every level, things will not change. The leadership should give a program to the party workers and conduct elections for the posts. before this P Chidambaram And Kapil Sibal Bihar elections have come out openly about defeat.

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Azad said that he cannot blame the Gandhi family, because at this time, due to the corona epidemic, nothing much can be done. They have accepted most of our demands. The Congress leadership should hold elections if they want to revive the party with the national level becoming an option. We all should love the party and try to make it strong again.

Must leave five star culture
Azad, who hails from Jammu and Kashmir, said that the party does not like the five-star culture, today when a leader gets a ticket, he books the first 5-star hotel. If the road is bad then it does not go there. The election cannot be won until the Five Star culture is abandoned. The senior Congress leader said that till the time officers are appointed, they will not understand their responsibilities. But if all the office bearers of Congress are elected then they will feel responsibility. Today, anyone in the party can achieve any position.

Worst period in 72 years
The senior leader said that the Congress is in its worst phase in 72 years. For the last two times, the Congress could not even gather the number to get the post of Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha. But the Congress won 9 seats in the Ladakh Hill Council elections, while such positive results were not expected.


Azad has been one of the dissatisfied leaders
Azad is one of the 23 unhappy leaders who wrote a letter to Congress President Sonia Gandhi questioning the party’s style of functioning. Earlier, many leaders including former Home Minister P Chidambaram, former Union Minister Kapil Sibal have expressed concern about the party’s debacle in Bihar and Assembly by-elections. Chidambaram had also said that the Congress is not strong on the ground. The Congress has not been able to make a good presence in spite of the falling economy and the Corona crisis.

Chidambaram and Sibal also gave feedback
Chidambaram said that ‘I am more worried about the by-elections in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka. These results show that either the party does not have a presence as an organization on the ground, or it has reduced too much. While Sibal had said that people are not considering Congress as a strong alternative. Not only did the Congress not take the Bihar elections, but also the assembly by-elections in other states of the country seriously. However, senior leaders like Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary and Salman Khurshid have lashed out at critics in the Lok Sabha.


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