Gecko Eating Banana In Viral Video Watch Here

Lizard had fun eating banana like this.

New Delhi:

In the world of Internet, there are various types of cute videos of animals on social media platforms, which can make any human’s day. The strange actions of animals are very pleasing to the people. Now such a video has surfaced on the internet, seeing that you will be forced to say Awww… In the video, a green lizard is seen having fun eating a banana (Gecko Eating Banana). This small lizard belongs to the Reptile Zoo (ZOO) of California, USA.

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In the video (Viral Video), you can see that a woman guarding the zoo is holding a green lizard in her hand. She feeds the lizard by mashing a piece of banana with the other hand. Initially the lizard turns away from the banana, but then she licks the banana, then she likes its taste and after that she eats the banana with fun. Seeing a lizard eating a banana is wonderful in itself.


This video has been shared on the official Instagram account named thereptilezoo. The caption accompanying the video read, “Have you ever seen a lizard eating a banana?”

Thousands of people have liked this video. It is quite new and unique to see the lizard eating banana. At the same time many people are also getting surprised.

One user commented, “You are amazing. Thank you for the video.”

Another user wrote, “This is cute.”

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