Gave oxygen cylinders to serious patients in trouble, now people are not returning | Gave oxygen cylinders to serious patients in trouble, now people are not returning


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JaipurOne hour agoAuthor: Pramod Kumar Sharma

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There is no need again, so people are not returning the cylinder.

Please your patient is well then return the oxygen cylinder, so that other needy people can work. Institutions and companies who had given free oxygen cylinders to help the victims, they are forced to make such messages if the cylinders do not come back. According to an estimate, about 5,000 oxygen cylinders were provided by industrial organizations and units in industrial areas to help patients.

About 80 per cent of these cylinders will not be returned, fearing that they may not be needed again. On the other hand, Dr. Mohit Chaturvedi says that the patients undergoing treatment in haem isolation need to apply oxygen for seven to ten days. A D-type three cylinder is required for a patient throughout the day. In such a situation, the patient should bring the cylinder back after recovering.

100 cylinders given, 4 lattes
Forty president Suresh Aggarwal said that the organization had given 100 cylinders a month ago to help the Kareena victims. Even after messaging several times only 4 cylinders were returned. It is not necessary again, people are not returning the cylinder. In such a situation, they are not able to help other needy people.

Difficult to refill cylinder
Ajit Saini, who supplies oxygen cylinders on rent, says that refilling of cylinders from oxygen plants has also been difficult for the last four-five days. Leg cylinders are rotating from plant to plant to refill. Despite this, cylinders are rarely getting refill. As a result, hem isolation poses a risk to the lives of patients. It is worth noting that by taking a security amount of Rs 15,000, many people are giving oxygen cylinders at a rent of Rs 200 per day.

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