From Corona, we learned to be accountable, it is helpful to keep good health, learn 4 ways to be accountable | Accountability is the most effective tool for giving up or putting on a habit, plan it in 4 ways


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13 minutes agoAuthor: Tara Parker Pope

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Hardly a year has passed since it was discussed as much as 2020. Whenever there is a crisis, always a person spends his life in search of new paths. All of us have learned many things from the Corona crisis in the year 2020. One of these is accountability.

Being accountable to oneself and others is an important aspect of life. We were all accountable for wearing masks to prevent Corona and are. Along with this, we were also responsible for meeting and keeping distance from the least people. Obviously we have all been accountable to this responsibility, only then we are close to winning the battle with Corona.

We also learned the importance of accountability from Corona. According to experts, our accountability can be helpful in keeping us healthy. Gretchen Rubin, the author of the book “Better Than Before”, says that accountability is an effective tool for giving up or putting on a habit.

Create accountability plan in these 4 ways

What is your goal in 2021? What are your expectations from yourself Or what do you want to achieve? According to experts, it will become much easier when you are honest to yourself to achieve it. There are 4 ways to fix better accountability.

1- Share your accountability with someone close

According to experts, accountability works better when people have their eyes on you. Therefore, you can follow the diet and exercise of a friend who is very caring about his own health. You can schedule a workout with him.

You can also share your accountability with friends, family members, office colleagues and close ones. By doing this you will not only be answerable to yourself, but will also be answerable to others. You can also search for a friend who wants to achieve the same goal as you.

Dr. Tim Church, chief medical officer of Naturally Slim Society, says that some people are quite honest to themselves, but most people need a partner. So if you want to achieve something this year, do not miss to seek help from friends and help them.

2- Support mobile app

Due to forgetfulness and carelessness, we are unable to remain accountable to our many promises. In such a situation, using mobile apps can be a good idea. There are many types of meditation apps available on the Google Play Store, which will remind you of exercise. Some apps are so smart, that will also tell you when, which exercises to do and how long to do them.

The weight loss app Noom will remind you every day to do your own complete health checkup by giving 2 minutes. Through this, you can also track your own diet. Some apps can also count your step. How much you are walking in a day is also known in these apps. When running low, this app will remind you by vibrating.

3- Support the calendar reminder

According to experts, you can also set a reminder in your own calendar. What is your schedule from morning to evening? When and what to do? You can set it on your mobile calendar by creating a reminder plan. This will increase your responsiveness to yourself by 50%.

4- Make your accountability public

You can make your accountability public through social media. You can also take help of any reminder app, it will keep reminding you about the schedule.

By doing this, you will not be careless about your own accountability. Northern Carolonia University studied over 700 people, finding that those who were accountable to themselves lost more weight than non-accountable people.


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