French President Macron said, respect Muslims, but will not accept violence | French President Macron said – respect Muslims, but will not tolerate violence


Paris / Quebec17 minutes ago

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French President Emmanuel Macron is facing criticism for linking Islam to terrorism. – File photo

France’s President Emmanuel Macron, who is facing criticism for linking Islam with terrorism, has made an important statement. Macron said on Saturday that he respects Muslims. I can understand that Muslims are hurt by the cartoons of Prophet Mohammed. Despite all this, violence in response to this cannot be tolerated.

Two attacks within two weeks have shaken France due to religious conflict. In the first class, the teacher showing controversial cartoons was beheaded by his student. After this, three people including a woman were murdered outside the church in Nees city. On Saturday also, an unknown gunman shot the pastor in the church. A suspect has been arrested in this case.

Islamic terrorism was told about the attacks
The government has doubled the number of troops stationed in France due to the continuous attacks. Macron called these incidents Islamic terrorism. Since then, he has been the target of leaders of Muslim countries. Campaigns to boycott French goods are being carried out in many countries.

‘Do not support cartoons’
Speaking to a media house, the French President said that the whole matter was being misunderstood. They do not support cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad. This cartoon has hurt many people’s feelings. Even after this, freedom of expression in the country will be protected. It also includes cartoon printing.

Fencing in Canada after France, 2 killed

After France, a man in Canada attacked some people with a knife. Two people died in the incident in Quebec City on Sunday. 5 people have also been injured. The police have cordoned off the entire area to catch the attacker. A suspect has been apprehended. The attacker is said to have worn the costume of ancient warriors. After this attack, the police have appealed to the people not to stay in the house and go towards the place of attack.


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