French 4,000-Year-Old Carving Is Oldest Map In Europe, Study Shows – France’s 4000-Year-Old Carving, Oldest Map in Europe, Revealed in Study


The researchers started the study about this rock in the year 2017.

Brest (France):

The bronze era slab, discovered in western France in the year 1900, is the oldest map in Europe. This has been revealed in a study released this week. According to archaeologist Van Pallier, this object, known as Saint-Belec slab, is about 4000 years old, in which a part of the Black Mountains of Western France is engraved. He said, ‘Today here is the oldest map of the European region. You can see the carving on this slab, which is incomprehensible at first sight. ‘

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The slab was discovered by archaeologist Paul Due Chatelier in the ancient burial ground in Finistere in 1900 and housed in one of his properties for decades. Researchers began studying in 2017 about this rock which is 2.2 meters long and 1.5 meters wide and weighs about a ton. Pallier says that if we could find out the meaning of the symbols of this slab, then we would know what place this map has been talking about. He said that “This slab raises a lot of questions.” Can we still talk about those societies (societies) where writing did not exist. ‘

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