Fortnite is finally available on the Google Play Store; here are some tips that will be helpful

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Updated: April 22, 2020 6:29:31 pm

After 18 months have passed since the game was made available on Android, it has finally shown up on the Google Play Store. (Image: Bloomberg)

Epic Games and Google has finally come to a settlement and ended the long feud. Epic Games’ wildly popular Fortnite made its way on to the Android operating system in 2018, after being locked to iOS for a long time. However, due to Google’s revenue-sharing terms Fortnite was not made available on the Play Store, instead, players had to go to the company’s official website and download it from there.

After nearly 18 months of wait Fortnite has finally made it to Google Play making it easier for Android users to download and play the game. Fortnite has an initial download size of 107MB and requires users to download an additional 7.4GB after that. Ensure to connect your device to a good Wifi connection because of heavy file size.

Epic Games in a statement to Polygon said, “Google puts software downloadable outside of Google Play at a disadvantage, through technical and business measures such as scary, repetitive security pop-ups for downloaded and updated software, restrictive manufacturer and carrier agreements and dealings, Google public relations characterizing third-party software sources as malware, and new efforts such as Google Play Protect to outright block software obtained outside the Google Play store.”

In short, Epic Games had to succumb to the pressure of Google, as a malware notification was making the public question the authenticity of the app. In its statement, it added that it will continue to support the Epic Games app and Fortnite outside of the Google Play Store also.

How to download Fortnite from Google Play Store

* Open the Google Play Store and search for Fortnite.

* It will most probably appear as the first app. But, if it doesn’t then search in the list and select the app developed and uploaded by Epic Games Inc.

* Now inside of the app page, tap on Install.

* Google Play Store will then download the 107MB base file on to your phone and initiate the download of the 7.4GB additional file.

* After the additional file is downloaded and installed you will be able to start the game, register and play.

If you have just downloaded the game and are currently just starting off, below are a few tips and tricks that might come in handy, helping you not look like a newbie:

Training is key

Before a match starts, the game provides you with time to spend inside the training ground. There you can pick up various weapons and practice shooting them and learning their recoil. Once you master a gun’s recoil, you will be able to counter its movement and shoot at a single point with precise aim. This will help you take down opponents very fast and get a step closer to winning the match.

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Jump and build

Jumping to a battleground is a key feature of most of the battle royale games available on mobile. It basically allows you to select your landing point according to your gameplay strategy. What I would recommend is to jump off the battle bus on to a high ground where not many people will accumulate in the beginning and if that location turns out to be strategically placed inside of the safe zone, then start building a tall structure like a lookout and come down from it. Hide somewhere close and let players come and search the structure. While opponents are searching, come out of hiding and take the kill shot.

Cars are not only for racing

For some of us, when we get into a car, we think of reviving it up and trying to beat all of the records set. Or for some, it is just a mode of transport for getting us from point A to point B. I would rather say in games like Fortnite it also has a different use, which is to drive around, find opponents and kill them by driving over them. Having a car, the damage an opponent will be able to do will be minimal considering that the structure of it will take most of the damage and only let a few bullets hit you. And when you drive a car over the opponent, it is an instant kill.

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Pickaxe everything

At the start of the game, when the safe zone is massive, you can use the pickaxe to mine everything that you see inside the game. You will have the pickaxe from the beginning, that you can use on anything to destroy it and gain materials like wood, metal and brick, all of which can be used to build forts, ramps, walls and defences. As soon as you jump, start destroying rather than trying to find players to kill, that can be done at a later point. However, do not do this blindly, first get a gun, so if an opponent were to find you, you can fight them off.

Know what revives you and by how much

Health is a major part of the game, if your character were to hit zero, it would die, thus ending the game for you. So keeping your health up is an important part of the game. For doing so you need to know what supplies are necessary for you to carry and how much they heal you.

Med Kits fully restore your health, whereas, bandages restore it in small portions. Taking Slurp Juice will restore one health point per second along with one shield point per second, for a total of 25 seconds. Taking the Chug Jug will restore full health and shields.

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