Former BJP president Madanlal Saini’s nephew set up the noose, including the family, since the son’s death, the family had locked themselves in the room, suicide notes also recovered | 4 months after the death of the only son, the husband and wife hanged with 2 daughters; Written – Can not live without him

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  • Former BJP President Madanlal Saini’s Nephew Set Up The Noose, Including The Family, Since The Son’s Death, The Family Had Locked Themselves In The Room, Suicide Notes Also Recovered

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Sikar5 hours ago

Hanuman Prasad used to work in Saini Government School. Both daughters were studying and the wife was a housewife. -File photo

In Sikar, Rajasthan, the husband committed suicide by hanging himself with 2 daughters on Sunday. On September 27, his 18-year-old only son died of a heart attack. In this sorrow, the whole family was in depression. A suicide note has been found from a room in the house. It is written that we cannot live without son Amar. We too are leaving the world. The world is worthless without a son. Police should not disturb anyone.

Purohit Ji 48-year-old Hanuman Prasad Saini, living in Dhani area, was found hanging in the house with his wife Tara, 45 years old, 2 daughters Pooja and Annu. Hanuman was the nephew of late Madanlal Saini, former BJP state president and Rajya Sabha MP. He was a fourth class employee in a government school. The wife was a housewife. 24-year-old Pooja studied in MSc First Year and 22-year-old Chiku in BSc Second Year.

Neighbors reported that the family was under stress since the son’s death. Hanuman used to leave the house only to go on duty. His wife and both daughters lived inside the house.

Hanuman’s family stopped moving out of the house after the son’s death.

Suicide is detected when a milkman arrives
The milkman arrived at Hanuman’s house Sunday evening to deliver milk. He knocked on the door for a long time, but the gate did not open. He then called on the mobile, but no one picked up. Doodhwale called Yuvraj, the son of Hanuman’s younger brother Ghanshyam, who lived near Hanuman since Amar’s death.

Yuvraj calls his father and uncle on mobile. Hanuman’s uncle’s son Kapil Saini reached the spot. Opening the main gate, he went inside and saw that all four were hanging on the noose. After this, the police was informed.

Left a 2-page suicide note

‘I am writing this in my whole heart, Hanuman Prasad Saini, my wife Tara Devi, 2 daughters Pooja and Annu. Our son Amar died on 27 September 2020. We tried to live without him, but he did not live without it. Therefore, all four of us have decided to end our lives. Amar was the life of all four of us. If not what will we do here. There is no lack of anything in the house. There is land, house, shop, job. The biggest drawback is that of the son. All is useless without him. We have no debt left. The administration is requested not to disturb any family members. This is our decision. Suresh (younger brother of Hanuman), let us all do the last rites like family. Do not do like Kabir Panth. All have to be done in our own custom and the hardness of Amar and the hair of his birth are to be shed with us in the Ganges. Everything is kept near Amar’s photo. Suresh I have no money or money left in anyone.

Hanged on an iron girder, it was installed 4 days ago
Neighbors said that the iron girder in which the four bodies were found hanging in the room was not there earlier. He was summoned 4 days ago and got it installed. Not only this, the rope with which the bodies of the four were hanged were pieces of the same rope and it was new. It is feared that the family had thought about suicide several days ago. After the son’s death, Hanuman often told his younger brothers Suresh and Ghanshyam that I would not live anymore.

The four bodies are found in the same room.  Police estimate that everyone had thought of suicide long ago.

The four bodies are found in the same room. Police estimate that everyone had thought of suicide long ago.

Hanged on the same bed
According to the police, all four climbed on the same bed and hanged on the noose. After that the bed was dropped from the leg. The bed was dropped down at the place where the dead body was found. The investigation also revealed that Hanuman and his wife Tara wrote a suicide note after having dinner in the morning. After this, I spoke to the younger brother on the phone and then committed suicide in the afternoon. Before dying, the family put her hard and born hair in front of a picture of son Amar in the room.

The family had put his luggage in front of son Amar's photo before Suicide.

The family had put his luggage in front of son Amar’s photo before Suicide.

Did not go to the wedding of the nieces on 16 February
Hanuman Prasad’s sister Manju’s mother-in-law is in Nawalgarh. Manju’s 2 daughters were married on 16 February. Hanuman did not even attend this wedding. Hanuman and his family did not go anywhere after the death of son Amar. His grandmother, former grandmother of former Rajya Sabha MP Madanlal Saini, died. At that time he went.


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