Florida Perdido Key Beach Woman Calls 911 To Report Dead Body Washed Ashore Turns Out To Be This


Seeing the ‘dead body’ on the beach, the woman called the police, it turned out … See Photos

Shocking photos are becoming viral on social media, on which you will also be scared. A woman was found dead body on the beach. She was horrified upon seeing him. After that people called the police on 911. When seen near, it turned out to be something else instead of dead body. Pictures of this incident have been shared on Facebook by a page called Ocean Hour. Seeing the photos, you will also feel that it is really a dead body. But it turned out to be something else.

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A post shared on the group described the situation experienced by one of his volunteers at Perdido Key Beach in Florida. Posting the photos, the caption read, ‘Valentier was walking on the intercostal side of Kathleen Perido. He appeared to have a dead body there. The second visitor called 911 to call the police.

It turned out that the ‘dead body’ was actually an effigy, with lots of marine waste on it. You will also get scared after seeing the pictures.


Shared on 16 November, the post garnered over 3,300 shares with over 2,300 responses. Netizens expressed surprise at the bizarre incident in the comments section.

One user wrote, ‘I too got scared after seeing this. Don’t know what happened to the girl. At the same time, the other user took a pinch and wrote, ‘I would love to take it home. For the Halloween decorations. ‘


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