First funeral of 41 corona patients in Bhopal, including 8-month-old girl | Government figures show only 27 deaths in MP, while in Bhopal itself, for the first time the funeral of 41 infected including 8-month-old girl


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Bhopal20 minutes ago

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For the first time, 41 corona patients were cremated in Bhopal. On Thursday, 36 bodies arrived at the Bhadbhada Vishram Ghat for the last rites. In this, 31 coronas-infected dead bodies were cremated under protocol. 13 bodies were from Bhopal and 18 from outside. This is the largest figure in the state of cremation of dead bodies of Kovid patients in a single city in a day. The situation became such that for the first time at Bhadbhada Vishramghat the space fixed for the corona infected was reduced and a new place had to be prepared. A total of 12 pillars have been fixed for the last rites of corona-infected corpses at Bhadbhada Vishram Ghat. When there was no space left to burn the body on Thursday, a new site had to be prepared in the ground of the electric crematorium.

Even after 36 dead bodies, 8 families were calling to bring the dead bodies to Vishramghat, which was persuaded to come the next day as it was nightfall. According to Arun Chaudhary, president of Bhadbhada Vishramghat, such a large number of cremations have been performed for the first time. At the same time 5 cremated at Subhash Nagar Vishram Ghat and 5 infected dead bodies are buried in Jhada cemetery.

According to Shobhraj Sukhwani, the trust manager of Subhash Nagar Vishram Ghat cremated 5 infected dead there, four of them were from Bhopal and one from Hoshangabad. At the same time, in the Jhada Cemetery, five bodies have been buried on Thursday. Earlier, the number of cremations in one day from the Corona Protocol in Bhopal reached 28 in December last year. In Indore, 25 Corona patients were cremated on April 6.

Youngest Corona patient dies in Bhopal

Eight month old Adiba passed away from the world on Thursday. He had a corona. Adiba lost to the virus after a 12-day struggle at AIIMS. This is the youngest death of a patient from Corona in Bhopal. In the Jhada graveyard, his father reached his innocent body for burial. She was the only child in the family. According to the family, he had a fever and was having tremors in the body, so took him to AIIMS on 27 March. Surprisingly, no one else was infected in the house.

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