First case of new UK coronavirus strain confirmed in Russia – First case of new UK corona virus strain came out in Russia


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The first case of a new UK coronavirus strain has been confirmed in Moscow on Sunday. The first case of Corona’s new strain came to light in Russia, despite authorities already deciding to stop flights from Britain to prevent the infection from reaching Russia. A person returning to Russia from Britain was found infected with a new strain of Corona. Rospotrebnadzor, the head of Russia’s health regulator, has given this information to the government-run television.

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The head of the watchdog, Anna Popova, did not say whether the corono virus was found to be infected in the person’s test or under any other circumstances. The B117 Corona virus virus is believed to have first emerged in southeastern England late last year and since then cases have been reported in dozens of countries around the world.

Authorities in Moscow temporarily suspended flights from Britain in December. In the wake of the new strain, dozens of other countries also took similar steps later.


Russia is among the countries with the highest infection rate in the world. Authorities have confirmed about 3.5 million cases of corona on Sunday.

Health officials admitted last month that the number of virus infections in the country was much higher than previously reported, making Russia the third most affected country globally. The Kremlin, like many other European countries, has placed its hopes on the domestic Sputnik V vaccine to combat the epidemic rather than imposing a lockdown.


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